Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Live on the Air!

Hey everyone. yes. i'm multitasking from on the air.

A Few Housekeeping-ish-type things:
1. thank you to those who join me early on tuesday morning for the show. well. sort of join me. mostly i'm alone in a tiny room full of expensive, sensitive equipment that breaks if you breathe on it wrong. i appreciate the distant support

2. Archives! i'm working on creating them! i will try my best to at least post a list of what was played on a particular day. audio archives will be around soon, i hope.

3. the blog. be not afraid! feel free to comment away, people!
if you have a request for airplay: email wholesounds@gmail.com. YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD. VIA MY VOICE.

4. Contributions/ideas/featured on the show?

see above.

Thanks everyone!


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