Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey everyone! Here are the latest things from my world:

1) Wholesounds has moved to a NEW TIMESLOT. we will be broadcasting live from 10-11 am on tuesdays! i am working on setting up a podcast for listeners who cannot make it to a computer at this time.

2) Tomorrow, Noah and the Whale plays a free show at Criminal Records in Toronto, followed by their scheduled gig at the Horseshoe Tavern!

3) Tonight, the leafs play the sabres. 'nuff said.

4) State Radio invades Canada for the first time in a long time for a toronto show at the Mod Club on November 6th!

More news and fun things to follow


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Live on the Air!

Hey everyone. yes. i'm multitasking from on the air.

A Few Housekeeping-ish-type things:
1. thank you to those who join me early on tuesday morning for the show. well. sort of join me. mostly i'm alone in a tiny room full of expensive, sensitive equipment that breaks if you breathe on it wrong. i appreciate the distant support

2. Archives! i'm working on creating them! i will try my best to at least post a list of what was played on a particular day. audio archives will be around soon, i hope.

3. the blog. be not afraid! feel free to comment away, people!
if you have a request for airplay: email YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD. VIA MY VOICE.

4. Contributions/ideas/featured on the show?

see above.

Thanks everyone!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

State Radio: Let it Go

State Radio’s Let it Go is, in my opinion, one of the greatest musical offerings the United States has produced in the past five years. The whole album rings with the undertones of Chad Urmston’s (guitar, lead vocals) passionate lyrics and voice. The album begins with the ominous introduction of “Mansin Humanity” (Man’s Inhumanity), which quickly builds into a full sound of minor tones mixed with the tight, complex drumming of Mike “Mad Dog” Najarian. When Urmston begins the vocals, his voice is earnest and clear. The song is by no means the highlight of the album, but adds an important starting block to the work.

The next track, “Calling all Crows” has a very reggae feel, and features Chuck Fay, the bands bassist playing a variety of auxiliary instruments. This track is one of the strongest on the album, and relates directly to the organization Calling all Crows, started by Urmston and Sybil Gallagher to prevent violence against women. (

The next track, “Doctor Ron the Actor” is another high point of the album. Heck. The whole album is high points, but what gets me is the introductory lines. “You've been hit with another blow/But still you give love/And you set our souls on fire/You got your instant karma/You son of a fisherman farmer/Born to live, live free or die”. This is just a small testament to the band’s lyrical capability. This track gets rated #3 on the album for me.

“Arsenic & Clover” is the next track, based off of the experiences of Urmston in Zimbabwe. Story goes: Urmston gets parasite, takes arsenic pellets to kill it, counts on luck of the Irish to make sure the arsenic doesn’t kill him. Definitely a throwback to the Year of the Crow album State Radio released in 2007.

“Bohemian Grove” passes by unassumingly, a song suited to the State Radio vibe, but a little slow compared to the rest of the surging and galloping beats of the songs surrounding it. “Knights of Bostonia” is without a doubt the most anticipated track in State Radio’s history. It became a live staple, and for good reason. The tale of childhood knights is one most young boys can relate to, yet through it all Urmston’s strong political views shine. This track gets my number one vote, though it shares the crown with a track to be announced later.

The title track is next, and it is a good one. Its only fault could be that it fits the album a little too well. Its surging, syncopated beat is similar to much of the earlier tracks. “Evolution” serves two purposes on this album. It ties “Bohemian Grove” into the album and delivers the strong, Unitarian message Urmston loves to deliver. This song is good and adds more of the ‘white-reggae’ feel to the album- something any white person who sees snow five months of the year can feel good about. This is most evidenced in the bridge of the song, which bears a striking resemblance to Marley’s “Is this Love”.

“Held Up By the Wires” is the next track, and it is good. This takes the second number one spot (figure that one out), and solely because it is another song we’ve been waiting for. A live mainstay and featured on a number of live demos, this production is killer. It is put together flawlessly, features a number of great things, including an important message, clever lyrics, backup vocals, and of course impressive amounts of good things. Again, that might not make sense, but this song is just too good. A++.

Nearing the end of the album, we get “Blood Escaping Man”- a retelling of Homer’s Odyssey. A stroke of genius on the band’s part by showing off the acoustic prowess of Urmston, whilst bringing the full band in without losing the solo feel of the ballad. The story telling is great and earns this track my number two spot. Its greatness is shown further in the long-winded explanation featured on the “Live at Brattle Theatre” discs available in some versions of the album.

Still and Silent” is the final official track of the album, and it ends it well. The song ties the soft parts of the album in with the strong, overdriven majority. The final, resounding chorus of “How can we stay still and silent?” is a strong ending to this strong album.

The album as a whole holds together marvelously. The highs and lows of the tracks complement each other beautifully and each musician shows a strong side of their abilities. While not my personal favorite of the three studio releases by the band, it certainly warrants a thorough, (or obsessive) listen. I put State Radio’s Let it Go in an important page of my musical tastes.

9 stars out of 10.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hello everyone! the launch is TODAY. you can listen at (follow the links to "Listen Live". Hopefully today i'll be able to post a show archive-- we'll see.

Today's show is going to be a bit more minimal on my part. More music, less me - which i know some listeners can appreciate. If you have questions, requests, ideas or what have you, email me at

The State Radio Let it Go album review is on its way, as well as much more in terms of the website.

don't forget to tune in this morning at 9!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Show Launches tomorrow!

Hey everyone. Just a reminder that the show launches Tomorrow morning! until i figure out a way to archive shows, i'm going to post set lists and where available, links to the songs i'm playing that day.

So long for now!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Show launch this Tuesday!

Hey everyone! just reminding you all that the show launches officially at 9 on tuesday morning this week!

i'm going to see about creating an archive on this website so that you can listen to the broadcast if you miss it.

that said, hit to hear me out.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

State Radio- Let it Go Release

Possibly the most anticipated release of my entire musically coherent life. Yes, this probably tops my anticipation for Iron and Wine's Shepherd's Dog, Bedouin Soundclash Street Gospels or The Killers Day and Age.

I purchased the Itunes version of the album. I was rewarded for my eco-friendly decision with 41 tracks of Bostonian Bliss, divided into three albums.

Essentially, there are three "Discs"
the first, the studio album. the second and third are live albums featuring new and old tunes.

For those who aren't familiar with state radio. Shame on you. No, really.

Listen up to whatever you can get your hands on. the full album review is forthcoming.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wholesounds Launch! October 6th!

Hey all you people!

My apologies for my overexcited greeting-- the Wholesounds Radio launch is only a few days away! That is correct.

Wholesounds Radio is a radio initiative created by Me, Michael Veenstra, to play awesome music from a variety of genres. In short, you get to listen to music i love. No doubt you'll love it too, because it is great music.

This blog is where i plan to list cool lists, write written words, post updates, do album reviews, and just rant with little regard to capitalization or appropriate comma use.

So, people get on board with Wholesounds Radio. You can listen on Tuesday Mornings, nice and early from 9-10 on the New, Improved, CKRG Radio Glendon online. (click here and choose listen live)

Enjoy the year, and please join me on Tuesday October 6th at 9 am!

Wholesounds Radio