Wednesday, September 30, 2009

State Radio- Let it Go Release

Possibly the most anticipated release of my entire musically coherent life. Yes, this probably tops my anticipation for Iron and Wine's Shepherd's Dog, Bedouin Soundclash Street Gospels or The Killers Day and Age.

I purchased the Itunes version of the album. I was rewarded for my eco-friendly decision with 41 tracks of Bostonian Bliss, divided into three albums.

Essentially, there are three "Discs"
the first, the studio album. the second and third are live albums featuring new and old tunes.

For those who aren't familiar with state radio. Shame on you. No, really.

Listen up to whatever you can get your hands on. the full album review is forthcoming.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wholesounds Launch! October 6th!

Hey all you people!

My apologies for my overexcited greeting-- the Wholesounds Radio launch is only a few days away! That is correct.

Wholesounds Radio is a radio initiative created by Me, Michael Veenstra, to play awesome music from a variety of genres. In short, you get to listen to music i love. No doubt you'll love it too, because it is great music.

This blog is where i plan to list cool lists, write written words, post updates, do album reviews, and just rant with little regard to capitalization or appropriate comma use.

So, people get on board with Wholesounds Radio. You can listen on Tuesday Mornings, nice and early from 9-10 on the New, Improved, CKRG Radio Glendon online. (click here and choose listen live)

Enjoy the year, and please join me on Tuesday October 6th at 9 am!

Wholesounds Radio